Macron likely to meet IOC commission on bid for Olympics

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French president Emmanuel Macron is likely to meet the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) evaluation commission on Tuesday in an effort to boost Paris's bid to host the 2024 Games, sources said on Sunday.

Centrist Macron, who took power on Sunday after beating far right leader Marine Le Pen in last week’s run-off, has pledged his support for the French bid and has said he would speak with the IOC’s commission “next week”.

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Sources inside the Paris bid team told Reuters that the meeting would probably happen “on Tuesday morning”.

It is not yet clear whether the 39-year-old Macron, who took over from Francois Hollande, another supporter of the Paris bid, would meet the IOC commission at their hotel near the Eiffel Tower or at the Elysee Palace.

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The French president’s home is the likelier location for security reasons, the sources said.

Paris’s only rival to host the Games is Los Angeles, whose bid was assessed by the IOC evaluation commission earlier this week.

The final IOC vote will be held on September 13 in Lima.