Saudi ministry set to train female physical education supervisors

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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education is implementing a preliminary training program for qualifying physical education supervisors in all departments of education across the kingdom.

Undersecretary of Education Dr. Haya Al Awwad said that the decision to implement the program came after physical education was implemented in girls’ schools this year.

She added that this week, 46 candidates from all departments of education in Saudi Arabia’s regions and provinces will receive training as part of the program.

All educational departments will prepare a plan to train teachers who will apply the program at schools.

Awwad said that the physical education program to fortify students’ health will be implemented in two phases.

The program will be included in the extra-curricular activity and the necessary equipment will be provided.

On the first stage, preliminary curriculum will be taught (teacher’s guide) until a curriculum is created for the students.

For the students in the second stage the curriculum will be implemented in all schools and classes allocated as part of the daily schedule after the teachers have completed their training.

The Ministry of Education has also assigned a seat for an activity supervisor in each educational department take part in the training program which is set to be held at the Ministry of Education during the period 20-22 / 12 / 1438H.