REPORT: One of 2026 bidders to replace Qatar for World Cup 2022

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Owing to geopolitical problems and suspicions of corruption, Qatar could lose the organization of its World Cup due in five years, a report in the Mexican press has revealed.

If that were to happen, candidates for the World Cup 2026 - the United States, Canada or Mexico, could then be favored by FIFA.

In its December 4 edition, Mexican sports daily Record argues that FIFA is very concerned about the geopolitical situation in Qatar and is already thinking about a plan B for the organization of the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA’s original plan was to announce the winner of the 2026 World Cup venue in May of 2020. In the year 2016, it was agreed that this process would have four phases: the first, consultation of possible venues that would close in May 2017, the second would be the preparation of candidacies that would have to end in December 2018, the third, the evaluation between January and February of 2020. This would culminate with the fourth phase and the announcement of the winner in the month of May.

The newspaper said that for lack of “quorum”, these processes will advance dramatically.

Isolated in the Gulf, Qatar could be deprived of its World Cup if the conflict continues, according to Record, which explains that the cost and duration of work related to the World Cup are already directly impacted by this geopolitical isolation. The report also highlights that the reception of teams and supporters could be disrupted in a way that would cause many flights impossible to land.

Corruption charges

In addition to this complicated geopolitical situation, wwith the continued break in ties with the country even today, there have been serious suspicions of corruption over months for Qatar to win the World Cup bid.

According to the report, citing sources at FIFA, all this could lead to a redistribution of cards and a reallocation of the World 2022. But who can benefit from this scenario?

It is going to be the trio of United States-Canada-Mexico , which are candidates for World Cup 2026, as well as Morocco. However according to many experts, Morocco would announce its withdrawal as it cannot afford even the marketing costs.

On June 13, FIFA will officially award World Cup 2026 and the first ticket is the favorite. Past record suggests that the three countries have already been contacted by FIFA for 2022 and even suggests the possibility that FIFA could give the 2026 World Cup in Qatar, to give it more time to solve its problems.