French federation suspends referee who kicked Nantes player

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The French football federation suspended referee Tony Chapron until further notice on Monday after the official kicked a player during a league match.

The federation said Chapron will be summoned by French league officials to a disciplinary hearing following Sunday’s incident, when he kicked Nantes defender Diego Carlos before sending him off.

Chapron, who was to referee again on Wednesday when Angers faces Troyes, has been removed from the game.

The bizarre incident happened near the end of Paris Saint-Germain’s 1-0 win at Nantes. Carlos was running behind Chapron near the halfway line, and trying to catch up with play, when he inadvertently clipped the referee’s heels.

Chapron rolled forward onto the turf then swiped his right leg at Carlos after tumbling. Chapron eventually got up and showed Carlos a second yellow card.

Chapron acknowledged that Carlos inadvertently knocked him over, and he submitted further details in his report to the French league’s disciplinary committee. The French league said members of the committee discussed the issue over the phone and via emails, then decided to rescind the second yellow card shown to Carlos.

“After reading the additional report from Tony Chapron, who confirmed after viewing images that Diego Carlos had not struck him deliberately, the committee decided to withdraw the second yellow card shown to the player,” the league said.

As a result, Carlos will able to play against Toulouse on Wednesday in the French league.