Here’s why Mo Salah was using his phone while driving

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Liverpool FC star Mohammed Salah was referred to the police after a video posted online showed the Egyptian star sitting in his car on Sunday as he ignored child fans when he drove away while using his mobile.

Merseyside Police sent a confirmation to have received the footage.

The video turned out to be filmed by Rob Wylie, who later on was attacked online after Salah’s video was reported to the police.

He has a history of selling road signs that were autographed by other Liverpool players.

New footage emerged showing Wylie approaching Salah’s car.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Wylie runs an online website named Iconic Scribbles where he sells “sports memorabilia at the best prices” which has received criticism about the way the site operates over the last 24 hours and is now “under maintenance.”

Dawes, 27 and from South Wales, told the Echo: “I believe a lot of players are aware of who (Wylie) is, and therefore do not cooperate. In this instance, Mo Salah was not texting on his phone, he was pretending to be on his phone, while his car was stationery.”

“I believe this was to make it seem like he was busy as he is too polite to tell Rob Wylie to leave him alone.”

After the commotion that the video created, Wylie is now being accused of using children as a cover up to get the signings of the players and selling them on his personal website.

According to local media, Wylie has posted the video as revenge after Salah refused to give him his signature.

“Those claiming that I sent the video to the police because I was angry that Mo did not sign any autographs are liars and guilty of slander,” Wylie shared on his personal Facebook page.

“Those claiming I was with children at the time are liars. I was with one other adult at the time. There were other children present but none known to me.”

The police are currently examining the new footage that includes Wylie.

In a statement yesterday, a spokesman said: “The club, after discussion with the player, have made Merseyside Police aware of the footage and the circumstances surrounding it’s capture.

“Neither the club or player will be making any further comment on this matter.”

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