REVEALED: Ex-Zambia FA President’s hand in the Qatar World Cup scandal

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In August earlier this year, former Zambia FA President Kalusha Bwalya was banned for two years by the world soccer governing body FIFA for his role in Qatar 2022 bribe scandal where he pocketed $80, 000.

A Zambian outlet this week has discussed Bwalya’s fall from grace and delved into his ties to Qatar.

“Qatar’s Mohammed Bin Hammam (ex-Asian football boss) and Bwalya had first become acquainted when Bwalya was appointed an ambassador for the South African bid, and over the years they had kept their acquaintanceship going for whenever one would need to call upon the other,” the Zambia Watchdog reported.

The report added: “In FIFA circles, Bwalya’s status as one of the few ex-players in an executive role endeared him to the FIFA top brass.

“He was appointed to the prestigious Football Committee and worked in the technical study group for several tournaments.

“It was this rubbing of shoulders with the key stakeholders and his desire for more power and prestige that saw him roped into the Bin Hammam quest to overthrow (ex-FIFA boss) Sepp Blatter.

“As Bin Hammam’s star grew with Qatar’s success in winning the bid for the 2022 World Cup, he was emboldened to go for broke. His fatal error was in the final days of the campaign for the FIFA presidency to offer $40,000 in cash to each of the CONCACAF president’s at their congress in Trinidad and Tobago.”

After an initial inquiry into the vote-buying allegations in 2012, FIFA concluded its investigations through the Adjudicatory Chamber of the Ethics Committee in April 2018.

“Bwalya was found guilty and sanctioned four months later. He received a two-year ban from all football activities and a substantial CHF30,000 fine.

“The action effectively ended his tenure at the top echelons of football. Where he goes from here is unclear,” the outlet reported, adding that it was “yet another sad tale about how greed and corruption can eradicate a lifetime of work and achievement in an instant.”