Amir Khan hails WBC win, says ‘many more to come’ in Saudi Arabia

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British boxer Amir Khan beat Australian Billy Dib for the World Boxing Council (WBC) international welterweight title on Friday in Saudi Arabia.

The fight took place at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah as part of the city’s “Jeddah Season: Sea & Culture” festival.

After the fight, Amir Khan said he hoped to come to the Kingdom more often, praising the “great show in Jeddah,” and said there were “many more to come in Saudi Arabia” in a tweet.

“I had a great time, the event was very well-organized,” said Abdulelah al-Gain, a 25-year-old Jeddah resident who attended the fight.

“Amir Khan was spectacular – Tyga and Rick Ross also performed, so we had three events instead of one,” he added.

Al-Gain also said that one of the things that made him proud “was seeing local Saudi men and women walking around the arena during the event to make sure everything was alright,” adding that it was nice seeing “an event of this magnitude being run by locals [Saudis].”

Earlier in the week, Khan had a public training session at the Red Sea mall where he said it was “lovely meeting fans in Jeddah.”

After the fight, Dib congratulated Khan in a tweet, saying: “Always believe in yourself no matter what. Mountains are there to climb - don’t avoid them because you fear failure. Better to fall short than to never try & regret.”