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Hezbollah armed with 200,000 rockets, up to 100,000 fighters: Israel-based think tank

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Iran-backed Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah has approximately 200,000 rockets and up to 100,00 fighters, according to Tel Aviv-based think tank Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

Hezbollah’s militia forces comprise of regular soldiers and reservists, and is estimated to number 50,000 to 100,000 fighters, according to the Israel-based INSS report.

“Its vast arsenal includes some 150,000-200,000 rockets, mortar bombs, and missiles, of which hundreds of missiles are of high precision and highly destructive,” the report said.

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According to the report’s estimates, Hezbollah has about 40,000 Grad type rockets with a short range of 15-20 km, about 80,000 medium-long range rockets capable of traveling up to 100 km and about 30,000 rockets and long-range missiles capable of covering 200-300 km.

Additionally, Hezbollah has several hundred Fatah 110 projectiles – short-range solid-fueled ballistic missiles developed and produced by Iran. Those “carry about 500 kg of explosives, are equipped with precise GPS-based navigation mechanisms and have considerable accuracy and destructive potential.”

Furthermore, Hezbollah is equipped with “high-quality C802 surface-to-air missiles, made in China, and the Russian-made Yakhont; sophisticated and improved Kornet anti-tank missiles, capable of launching mortar bombs; and anti-aircraft missiles of the SA-17 and SA-22 types, capable of hitting UAVs and helicopters.”

Al Arabiya English could not independently verify the facts and figures of the think tank’s report.

Over the past two weeks, tensions on the Israel-Lebanon borders heated up. Israel has carried out strikes inside Lebanon’s territory targeting what it claimed were Hezbollah targets as the militia has repeatedly engaged in clashes with the IDF troops across the border.

Hezbollah had said that international and regional calls for the group to stay out of the Hamas-Israel conflict will not be heeded. “The behind-the-scenes calls with us by great powers, Arab countries, envoys of the United Nations, directly and indirectly telling us not to interfere will have no effect,” deputy chief Naim Qassem said, as cited by Hezbollah’s TV Al Manar. “Hezbollah knows its duties perfectly well. We are prepared and ready, fully ready.”

Tel Aviv has said that Hezbollah has fired dozens of anti-tank guided missiles, rockets, and mortars at Israeli military positions and Israeli towns since the Hamas attack on October 7 while also sending gunmen to infiltrate into Israel.

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that the army must be prepared at the northern front against any move by Lebanese Iran-backed militia Hezbollah, which he stated was “10 times stronger” than the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The Israeli Defense Minister asked the government to finalize transferring military equipment to the northern front – the border region with Lebanon.

Additionally, the White House said it was concerned that Hezbollah could participate in the Israel-Hamas war as the militia continued its operations against Israeli targets at the Lebanese-Israeli border. White House national security spokesman John Kirby said: “They are a potent terrorist group, no question about it. We watch them closely. The Israelis watch them closely. We don’t want to see this conflict widened. We don’t want to see Hezbollah make that kind of a decision.”

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