Video: Saudi ministry celebrates with scholarship graduates in U.S.

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The Saudi ministry of education celebrated in Washington this week the graduation of around 8,000 students, whose education was enhanced following King Abdullah’s foreign scholarship program.

The celebration ceremony included a massive march of male and female students of majors that varied among medicine, administration, engineering, economy and others.

“Thank God we reached the final stage and we are now returning to our country. It’s an indescribable feeling,” a female student said.

Mohammed Al-Issa, the Saudi cultural attaché in the United States, told Al Arabiya: “This is a large number of graduates. Women represented more than 30 percent of graduates. It even reached 43 percent in master and PHD degrees,” he said.

A job fair was held at the same time at the ceremony, providing an opportunity for graduates to submit applications to private and public companies in Saudi Arabia.

More than 100 offices have been provided to conduct interviews with the graduates.

The education minister said the number of job openings listed in the fair is close to the total number of the graduates at this phase.

The Saudi foreign scholarship program was launched in 2005 and previously, there was only 5000 students benefiting from it.

Now, the number has reached more than 140,000 students in 24 countries.