Cattle run: Meet the animals that nearly escaped Eid slaughter

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Video footage compiled from a number of Muslim countries during this week’s Eid festivities has comically shown how traditional animal slaughters can go wrong.

Sheep and cattle were seen trying to run away and occasionally attacking their owners, literally attempting to run for their lives.


Individuals, especially children who appeared in the footage, seemed to find the behavior of the sheep and the cows amusing, and were not concerned about any potential danger from the animals.

Some escape attempts almost got suicidal, with efforts made by the animals to jump out of windows, squeezing on the pane of a building and even climbing up a wall.

The video compilation shows “cattle runs” from several Arab and Asian countries.

The four-day holiday of Eid al-Adha - the Feast of Sacrifice - began on Oct. 15. and ended on Friday. It marks the end of hajj, an annual pilgrimage undertaken by some 1.5 million Muslims this year in Saudi Arabia.

The holiday commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to obey God’s command to sacrifice his son Ismael.

Muslims believe that the very moment Ibrahim raised the knife, God told him to stop, that he had passed the test, and to replace Ismael with a sacrificial ram.

Muslims worldwide traditionally slaughter sheep or cattle in commemoration. The meat is distributed among the family and neighbors, as well as the poor and needy.

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