Egypt’s presidents’ barber served Mubarak, Sadat and top artists

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In Cairo’s al-Muhandiseen neighborhood, lays a famous parlor shop. The owner Mahmood Labeeb has earned the title: the presidents’ barber.

Labeeb trimmed hairs of two Egyptian heads of state. He perfected late President Anwar al-Sadat and ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Sadat knew about Labeeb’s talent after reportedly admiring the haircut of late President Jamal Abdulnaser’s son.

Labeeb’s talent has earned him the trust of many.

“I answer according to the question, and I don’t say what I don’t know, there are many things I don’t know, sometimes clients say things, they vent, so people started trusting me, but all their statements are theirs and not mine.”

When Mubarak was transferred to Tora prison, Labeeb couldn’t get a clearance to visit him.

Labeeb didn’t only beautify regal hairs but gave haircuts to famed actors, intellectuals and sport icons.

He was a close friend to one of the most famous Egyptian singers, who was also beloved in the Arab world, Abdulhalim Hafiz.

“I used to go to his home at night and watch rehearsals; we used to stay till 3-4 in the morning.”

His fame has also led him to the silver screen.

While he rejected to appear in many roles, he acted himself as Sadat’s barber.

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