Young Saudi science students nab prizes at regional competition

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Three Saudi students participating in the 2013 Intel Science Competition in the Arab World won first place for their scientific projects on Tuesday.

Abdulmalek al-Oufi won first place for his behavioral and social science project, while Sulaiman al-Tuwaijri, and Abdulmajeed al-Zakari won first place for their joint project on medicine, health and animal science.

Before their big win, al-Tuwaijri told Al Arabiya News that both he and his partner hope to meet the expectations of their parents and country.

“Whether we win or not we will continue learning and researching until we reach our goal,” he said.

Al-Zakari said he and his Saudi colleagues consider themselves “privileged to receive advice from the [competition] judges in order to perform better” in future projects.”

Both al-Tuwaijri and al-Zakari previously won first place in the National Olympiad for Scientific Innovation in Saudi Arabia and a silver medal in the iENA science assembly.

This year’s Amman based Intel Science Competition featured seven contestants from Saudi Arabia with six different projects in the fields of math, science, social science and animal science. Four of the contestants are young Saudi females.

The event, dedicated to students between the ages of 14 and 18, was organized by the Jordanian Ministry of Education in tandem UNESCO.

Yara Jan, who won a prize for her chemistry project, told Al Arabiya News that “the diversity in culture, background and education” was her source of inspiration.”

Al-Oufi expressed his love for research and his desire to become a scientific researcher.

According to him, one of the most interesting projects in his portfolio aimed to measure the effect room temperature has on students’ performance in the classroom.

The Head of the Saudi delegation, Ahmad al-Bulushi described the students as “exceptional and special.”

"We are proud of all the students and their achievements, especially at this stage,” he said.

"The fact that these students are achieving so much at a very young age gives us hope for the future," Bulushi told Al Arabiya News channel.