A ‘Friend’ indeed? Egyptians poke fun at Mubarak-era army chief

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Social media users in Egypt have been making the usual rounds of poking fun at the country’s top political figures.

But this time, it was Egypt's former Chief of Staff Sami Anan’s turn.

سخرية على فيسبوك على صور سامي عنان
سخرية على فيسبوك على صور سامي عنان

Anan, who served under the reigns of toppled President Hosni Mubarak and ousted President Muhammad Mursi, announced last month that he plans to nominate himself in the country upcoming presidential elections, to take place next year.

In recent days, pictures of Anan flooded the Facebook feeds of Egyptian users, only hours after a page was created in support of Anan becoming the country’s upcoming president.

سخرية على فيسبوك على صور سامي عنان
سخرية على فيسبوك على صور سامي عنان

The Facebook page, “The popular campaign to demand General Sami Anan to run for presidency,” posted a number of pictures of Anan in a civilian suit spending time in a luxurious garden.

Egyptians, known for their sense of humor in the Arab world, mocked the pictures by creating posts that show Anan in funny contexts, sitting or surrounded by actors or prominent political figures.

sami anan hitler
sami anan hitler

One picture showed Anan next to infamous Adolf Hitler. Another picture showed the army general surrounded by stars of the famous American sitcom “Friends.”

Along with several Mubarak-era military generals, Mursi deposed Anan shortly after he became a president in June 2012.

The civilian president then hired General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the army’s new head, who later lead a military-backed overthrow of Mursi in July.

The vacancy of the presidential post has sparked speculations over who could be Egypt’s upcoming president and if the military is going to dominate the Egyptian political scene once again.

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