Makkah woman ditches husband alleging abuse

A Saudi woman was abused by her husband after he took all the money she inherited from her father

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Abeer is a Saudi who was allegedly abused by her husband after she sacrificed and devoted her life to him. Before she got married, she was dreaming of the day she would be able to ride on a white horse on her wedding day. She gave her husband all the money she inherited from her father to build a house that cost SR8 million.

She said: "My father died and left me with my younger brothers and my old mother. “My husband took advantage of my weak position and started abusing me in different ways after he was financially stable.

“He brought his ex-wife, who is his cousin, to my house and kicked me out with my four children. “He detained me in a private enclosure outside Makkah away from people's eyes and under heavy surveillance for one year.

“He was warning those guarding me that no one should find this place or ask about me. “All that time, my children and I were sharing the food with the private enclosure guards. “All that time I was begging the guards to let me escape, but they said that they were afraid that my husband would harm them if they did."

She said that all that time her mother and friends were searching for her. When they asked her husband about her, he would tell them that Abeer was in a place far away and did not want to see people.

She said: "My friends then began monitoring the movements of my husband. “After a while they managed to find the place I was being held in. They tried to convince the guard to let me go but he refused to allow me to leave.

“In the end, he agreed to give me a cell phone to make a phone call in exchange for money.

“That was a golden opportunity for me and I called the police. I told them that I was being held as a prisoner in my husband’s private enclosure. They told me that they were not authorized to break into the private enclosure and that I had to leave any way I could and go to them.

“I could not go out because my husband had locked the only door and there was only one window inside the room where I received my food from the guard.

“The room, however, was connected to a bathroom." She said that every time she tried to escape, she would find the guard was always in the way. She did not give up until she managed to escape while the guard was busy doing other things.

She went to the nearest street where she called police and social services. When police and social services arrived, her husband arrived all of the sudden and started beating her in front of police.

Officers took her and the children to the police station for investigation. When her husband showed up at the police station and attacked her, officers arrested him and locked him up.

Abeer said, “Police released me and the first place I went to was King Abdulaziz Airport where my friend was waiting for me with tickets to Riyadh. “I arrived in Riyadh with my children and I was reunited with my family again.”

She wants her husband to return all her money and pay back every riyal she paid toward his business.

She said: “He used to come from time to time and beat me and my children so bad.

“He would hit me on my head until I passed out. “I remember one time I was eating lunch with my daughter when my husband came and beat us up so bad that one of my daughters was bleeding from her nose.”

Abeer urged officials to transfer the case from Makkah Police to Riyadh so she could follow up and try to get her money back from her husband.

She said: "I am afraid that I will lose the case because my brothers are still young and cannot represent me in court. “My husband is threatening to defame me and my daughters if I do not go back to him in Makkah.”

This story was originally published by the Saudi Gazette

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