‘Camels never forget!’ Saudi man reunites with former companion

They say elephants never forget, but camels could also be strong competition

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They say elephants never forget, but camels could also be strong competition.

A camel identified its previous owner during a parade in Saudi Arabia this week, embracing the man by wrapping its neck around him and restfully closing its eyes.


The Saudi owner had sold the camel seven months ago, but the animal was still able to single him out from the crowds.

The man, Mohammed bin Shouishan al-Sabaii, told Al Arabiya News Channel that he was attending a camel parade when his former four-legged friend heard his voice and approached him to give him a hug.

“I was attending a parade for the camels of Sheikh Abdelmohsen al-Rajehi whom I sold my camel to around seven months ago. While I was talking with some friends, the camel heard my voice and made its way among the cars that separated us. Once it (reached me), it wrapped its neck around me. This brought back memories of how I used to feed her bread,” Sabaii said.

He also said that such animals are not merely a means of transportation, adding that “camels are very loyal, and this is one of the many blessings of God. Some think certain animals like dogs are loyal in their nature (and the same) goes for camels as they are (loyal too) and they never forget.”

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