Minister’s wife and mistress in Twitter Indian soap opera

Shashi Tharoor’s tweets reveal extra marital affair following a convoluted media frenzy involving his wife and mistress.

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A Twitter war broke out between the Indian minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife and his alleged mistress on Thursday over vague and melodramatic tweets from his account.

The social media battle sparked after Tharoor’s account, allegedly hacked, posted emotionally dramatic messages accompanied by the Twitter handle of Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar.

“[I] have your personal validation of my words; I don’t need any public one. For that I will wait until we are together publically,” and “Shashi I’m not crying anymore, I’m not falling to pieces,” were posted on his account.

The well-known micro blogger quickly responded, “Okay. What’s going on? Who’s tweeting to me? I had an ‘affair’ with Shashi Tharoor and he’s tweeting to me??? How does that work?” and said the hacking of Tharoor’s account was “very very sick [sic].”

Shortly thereafter the minister deactivated his account.

The incident quickly spiraled out of control after Tharoor’s wife took to Twitter to direct her rage at the journalist, exposing that there was much more to the situation than first appeared.

She said: “Indians who have dignity unfollow her or are there no ppl in Pakistan who R desperate 4 husbands of other women SHAME [sic]” and ”leave us Indians alone and stop talking to my huband and pleading with him its digrading respect youself as a women [sic]”

The wife further accused journalist Tarar of being an Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agent and stalking her husband by calling him 20 times a day.

Despite denying the affair and calling Sunanda ‘out of her mind,’ the Pakistani journalist gave herself away after tweeting, “So I ‘stalk’ on bbm and phone. The last I checked it was a two-way thing, or maybe technology changed while I ‘stalked,’“ revealing that her and the high profile politician had been exchanging messages.

Rumors of the minister’s marriage being on the rocks have been circulating through the gossip mill for quite some time, fueling fire to fiery exchange of words between the two women.

His wife spoke to the Indian Express after the minister deactivated his account saying she discovered that her husband was having an ‘extra marital affair’ and that she would ‘seek divorce.’

“I completely stand by my tweets; I 100 percent stand by that,” she told the publication. “That woman pursued and pursued him…men are stupid anyways…for all you know she is a Pakistani agent. Where’s love, where’s loyalty in this world…I am so distraught,” she said.

Sunanda then confessed that her husband’s social media account was not hacked.

She explained the unusual tweets were actually private messages from Tarar sent to her husband's Twitter account. Angered by the revelation they had been talking, she made them public.

Implying her husband’s guilt, Sunanda said, “And you know how men are. He is flattered by the attention.”

In a bizarre turn of events, Tharoor and his wife released a joint statement on Thursday following the media frenzy saying: “We are distressed by the unseemly controversy that has arisen about some unauthorized tweets from our Twitter accounts.”

The couple said in their statement that they were happily married and planned to stay that way.

In what seems like the only believable statement made by the couple following the scandal, they revealed that Ms. Tharoor has been ill and hospitalized this week.

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