What do women want? New ‘love app’ rescues men

The application has been downloaded more than 5,000 times during the first week after going live on Feb. 7

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Miscommunication between both is bound to occur, but technology has come to the rescue with the launch of a new smartphone app that translates what women say into “English.”

Mystified men simply have to type in the cryptic phrase their better half throws at them, and a “translated” version pops up on screen.

For instance, when a user types “I’m not upset” into the app, the translation is “of course I’m upset.”

“I’ll be ready in a minute,” actually means “kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV.”

Infographic: What does she 'really' mean?
Infographic: What does she 'really' mean?

The user-generated iPhone application, “Love Translator,” was developed by the Beirut-based Republique advertising agency for their client, the Mukhi Sisters jewelry brand.

In case men “get lost in translation,” they can break the language barrier, an option on the app which “shows them jewelry,” labeling it the ultimate solution to domestic dispute, Fadi Marou, owner of Republique, told Al Arabiya News.

Maya Mukhi, one of the three sisters owning the jewelry brand, spoke to Al Arabiya News about the app.

Mukhi explained that the phrases programed into the app are inspired by “everyday talk we have with our friends.” She added that the phrases were inspired by the “books we read and the movies that we watch.”

The application has been downloaded more than 5,000 times during the first week after going live on Feb. 7.

It currently offers over 2,000 phrases that can be translated from “Female” to “English.”

Considering it is a user-generated application, it comes with a “suggestions” section, where people can pitch in with ideas of phrases for “translation.”

“We got about 6,000 suggestions so far,” Marou said.

All suggested phrases, and the currently available ones, are reviewed by a six-member, all-female committee. The ages of committee members “range between 20 and 38… from all sorts of experiences in relationships,” said Marou, explaining that some were married, while others were still dating.

“The application was created initially for Valentine’s Day, and we didn’t expect this feedback. Downloads have only increased since Valentine’s Day,” Marou told Al Arabiya News.

Lost in translation no more

Mukhi and Marou told Al Arabiya News that requests had been made for the app to be made available in different languages.

“Definitely,” said Marou, “by next Valentine’s Day we should have several languages and an Android version.”

Messages of support have flooded in on Twitter.

“So to all the men out there you should download this app #lovetranslator like seriously !!!,” tweeted @RosetteNajm.

@tanya_pereira had earlier urged men to get the app before Valentine’s Day, “The #LoveTranslator app is so epic! #Men, you will need this for tomorrow! #ValentinesDay #Dubai #Impress #Women,” she tweeted.

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