Egyptian belly dancer shakes up the system

The anti-Islamist Sama al-Masry is released on bail pending an investigation into mocking Mursi and defaming Islam

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Wiggling her way through Egypt’s legal system, controversial Egyptian belly dancer and actress Sama al-Masry was released on bail on Sunday pending further investigations on her alleged slandering of deposed Islamist President Mohammad Mursi.

The outspoken dancer, who recently launched a TV station with shows that mainly criticize Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood group, is also being investigated for defaming Islam.

In the inquiry, Sama denied the accusations and labeled her work “political satire.” She also alleged that she has received death threats from Brotherhood supporters.

Last month, Sama announced she will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections for the Sharqiyah governorate, Mursi’s home district, in a move to further mock the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I will run the elections and I will hopefully win them so I can show the Brotherhood every day who they really are,” Masry told the Egyptian daily news website al- Masry al-Youm.

“The end of their group will be on my hands, my program will uncover all the traitors and agents,” she said, referring to members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian belly dancer has repeatedly made bold statements on her political views against the Brotherhood.

One of her videos went viral in July last year. In the video she sings in Arabic with English subtitles and dances as a message to American President Barack Obama, accusing him of supporting the Brotherhood and meddling in Egypt’s affairs.

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