Sarah Palin likened to a ‘Kardashian’ in run up to her new TV show

TV host Kevin Frazier described Palin as taking the opportunity to further her fame just like ‘The Kardashians’

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U.S. Republican firebrand Sarah Palin, who is set to premier her new TV show on April 3, was likened to the reality television celebrity family “The Kardashians” by an American co-host on Thursday due to her apparent love of the limelight.

The Insider’s co-host Kevin Frazier on the CBC network described Palin, the former governor of Alaska, as taking the opportunity to further her fame just like “The Kardashians,” who have been lambasted by some observers for seeking fame.

In a segment discussing her upcoming show, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” Frazier said:

“The one thing I kept thinking - I have met the political Kardashian,” right-wing U.S. website Breibart reported him as saying Thursday.

Frazier added: “She has made something out of nothing and people keep eating [it up].”

While Palin’s power as a politician has seemingly waned ever since the 2008 presidential campaigns when she ran as a vice president nominee for the Republican party, her appearances on television have led to her being called the “Kardashian of politics” by some American media outlets.

In 2011, the U.S.-based Daily News said: “Sarah Palin is the Kardashian of politics, making a lucrative career out of being famous.”

Palin, whose new show will feature people, places and pastimes connected to the outdoor lifestyle in the United States, was also likened to the Kardashians last year.

In 2013, Ed Rollins, who managed former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s campaign, described Palin as “being a talking head … was not something that sustained her as a viable candidate.”

He added: “She’s a personality in the same way the Kardashian family is.”

In 2010, she starred in a show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” She has also appeared as a political pundit in some U.S. news channels, and in 2013 she rejoined Fox News Channel as an analyst.

Palin’s tenure as Alaska’s governor ended in July 2009, and she hasn’t held an official political position ever since. However, she remains an active campaigner for the Republican Party.

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