Saudi who fell into well recounts ordeal

After three horrific days in the well, the man was discovered and saved by a shepherd

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A Saudi man who was rescued after falling into a dry well last week spoke of his ordeal to Al Arabiya News on Monday, recalling how he was about “to bid farewell to this world” after three horrific days and nights without of drop of water to quench his thirst.

Rawa Badr a-Baz fell into the 28-meter deep well south of the Saudi capital Riyadh last week, breaking his legs in the process, and was only rescued three days later with the help of a shepherd’s dog who had heard his cries for help.

“I was about to bid farewell to this world if it were not for the shepherd’s dog who managed to lead his master toward me,” said Baz, lying in a hospital bed.

“When I fell into the well, I had lost consciousness for a whole day,” he recalled.

Although regaining consciousness on the following day, Baz said his injuries had left him immobile.

“The next day I couldn’t move or walk,” he said.

Food, mostly water, was his primarily concern during his time in the pit.

“I thought about how I would get out but the first thing on my mind was water. This was the second day when the sun was beating down on my head,” he said.

“My major concern was water and then how to save myself from these serpents around me. … I used to see them just slide past me,” he said.

His rescue came on the fourth day when his hopes were fading.

He said he could hear what sounded like a herd and had cried for help for hours on end, doubtful his pleas would be answered.

“On the fourth day I was tired of calling out for help and to my surprise I heard someone [the shepherd] calling for me from up.

He spoke to me and the most important thing he did was give me water and thank God he notified the civil defense who got me out of the hole,” he added.

Baz said he is hopeful that he would recover physically from the ordeal following his medical treatment.