A day in jail for Saudi man who slapped wife

The wife claimed her husband beat her severely and hit her left shoulder, presenting a medical report on the incident

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A summary court here has sentenced a man to a day in jail for slapping his wife twice on her face, local Arabic daily Al-Madinah reported on Monday.

The court, however, rejected the woman's claims for her private right, but warned the husband never to beat her again.

The wife told the court that her husband beat her severely and hit her on her left shoulder. She presented a medical report to that effect. The report also said she would need treatment for three days if there were no further complications.

The man denied that he had beaten his wife or hit her on the shoulder but admitted that he had slapped her twice on the face.

Both the wife's lawyer and the general prosecutor objected to the verdict and the judge gave them 30 days to appeal.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette.

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