‘Ancient Egypt’s Beyonce’ still in celeb spotlight – 3000 years later

The celebrity is believed to have got “the best mummification money could buy”

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She’s been described as an “Ancient Egyptian Beyonce” for her long locks and diva reputation, and despite being popular in 900 BC, she’s still in the spotlight now.

The 3000-year-old “secrets” of an Ancient Egyptian celebrity singer named Tayesmutengebtiu have been revealed by British Museum experts using CT scans, 3D imagery and cutting edge technology, The Mirror reported on Saturday.

“It appears she was actually in her late-40s or 50s, wore a wig, had cropped hair and iffy skin. She was also on the verge of a heart attack or stroke because her arteries were hardening... possibly from stuffing her face on the temple’s fatted calves and rich foods,” the British newspaper reported, naming her the Beyonce of Ancient Egypt.

The celebrity is believed to have got “the best mummification money could buy,” the newspaper reported.

She was “bound in bandages and preserved for eternity with her favorite bling adorning her body,” it added.

Tayesmutengebtiu and other mummies were taken to London hospitals where scans revealed their tissues, organs and bones.

The data was then turned into 3D visualizations with computer software originally designed for car engineering, The Mirror reported.

The museum is featuring Tayesmutengebtiu in a new exhibition called Ancient Lives, New Discoveries.