No ‘bingo wings’ here: top tips to tone your arms

The summer is here, what better time to cut the flab and tone up those arms

Vahdaneh Vahid
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The season of swimming costumes, sleeveless maxi dresses and men’s vests is upon us. What better time to cut the flab, tone up those underarms and relegate any hint of “bingo wings” to the past.


Performing compound and dynamic exercises to tone up your arms are effective and fun. Firstly you are using up more energy and additional muscles are also recruited to perform the movement as opposed to just isolating that muscle and doing a small single movement with the use of dumbbells.

Here are three top exercise tips to tone up your arms.


Push-ups emphasize the chest, shoulders and triceps but every muscle in the body has to do its part for a proper push-up to take place, including your core!

For the Beginner: Wall push-up

Step 1: Stand with your feet a hips’ distance apart and away from a wall

Step 2: Place your hands on the wall about a chest’s width apart and at shoulder level.


Step 3: Draw your navel in and posteriorly tilt your pelvis in (tucking your hips under).

Step 4: Keep your back elongated and as straight as possible

Step 5: Slowly move your chest towards the wall allowing your torso to follow through, but keep your legs and feet static

It is vital that you keep your navel pulled in throughout this move and do not allow your hips to stag.

Step 6: Push yourself away from the wall to return to the starting position, again keeping your body in perfect alignment.

Perform three sets of 20 repetitions each.

For the Intermediate: Air boxing

Boxing generally is a fantastic sport for toning the upper body. However, most boxing moves are performed using punch bags, or punching pads and therefore require the use of boxing equipment, classes or a trainer.


Air boxing is great as it can be done in the comfort of your own home but you will need a mirror so you can watch your form.

Step 1: Get into a wide stance with the front leg pointing forward and the back leg at a slight angle.

Step 2: Draw your navel in.

Step 3: Turn the back foot to face the forward foot and tuck your back hip under as you rotate to throw the punch off the back leg.

Keep your upper back extended.

Try to really use your hip rotations to power the punch forward.


Be mindful that you do not move forward over the toes as you are only rotating.

As you are not punching an object such as a bag or pads, keep your fist slightly open. This will prevent you from tensing and muscling the punch.

Perform anywhere from 25-50 reps on each leg and then switch, this move is also a great for burning some calories!

For the Advanced: Medicine Ball slam

This exercise is fantastic to tone up your arms and your whole body, as well as being extremely fun and chanllenging.

You will require a Dynamax Medicine ball for this move, these can now be found in most gyms.


Step 1: Begin with your feet a hip’s distance apart.

Step 2: Keep your knees and feet pointing forward.

It is crucial that you distribute your weight through your hips, keeping the knees behind the toes and feet firmly placed on the ground

Step 3: Pick up the medicine ball, pressing your palms up and keep your elbows close into your body.

Step 4: Elongate your muscles as you lift up slightly onto your toes, pressing the medicine ball straight up above you

Step 5: From there, push your hips back slam the ball down in front of you.

If done correctly, the ball will bounce back slightly into your hands without you having to bend down to pick it up from the floor

Be sure to keep your center of gravity; this way you wont have to stretch your arms out to catch the ball. Keep your elbows close to your body.


Once you have caught the ball, push the ball back up and repeat the move.

You can perform three sets of 10-20 reps.

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