Aussie daily publishes pic of Kate Middleton’s naked bum

An Australian daily has run a picture showing the bare bottom of Prince William's wife Kate

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An Australian newspaper has run a picture showing the bare bottom of Prince William's wife Kate, dismissing as “ridiculous” a ban imposed by the media in her home country.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph, which is owned by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, ran the pictures in an article posted online early Wednesday under the headline: "Why should the media stick to an antiquated code of etiquette when Kate doesn’t bother to protect her own modesty?"

The picture shows the Duchess of Cambridge walking alongside Prince William in the Blue Mountains last month during the couple’s recent tour of Australia. A gust of wind from the helicopter they exited blows Kate’s blue and white summer dress’s up in the air, exposing her bare buttocks.

The Australian daily ran the photo a day after it appeared in German tabloid magazine Bild, which declared she had a “beautiful bum.”

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No U.K. magazine or newspaper has published photos of Kate’s wardrobe malfunction in Australia which meant they were sold overseas, Britain’s Mirror daily said.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph criticized the U.K. media ban, asking: “Why would the cheeky French, German and American media, with no Commonwealth ties to Britain, be expected to honor such an antiquated code of etiquette? Why should the media be responsible for turning a blind eye when the royals aren’t always vigilant about keeping themselves nice?”

Kate has had wardrobe malfunctions in the past. Ahead of the couple’s tour to Australia in April, Kate struggled to control the hem of her red dress as she stepped off a plane in New Zealand.

The revealing photographs in the Blue Mountains have sparked reactions in the media on how the Duchess of Cambridge could have avoided the mishap by wearing weights in her hems.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph ran another article hours after the first headlined: “How Kate can avoid being the butt of jokes: add weights to the hems of her floaty frocks.”

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