Story of Dubai inmate who learned the Quran may be ‘made into movie’

Inmate Fatima bin Mohammed was given a life sentence but earned her freedom in March after learning the entire Quran

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A female prisoner who was freed after learning the Quran in a Dubai jail has inspired a production company led by a popular Arab entertainer to make a movie about her story, a local newspaper reported Monday.

Singer Layla Kaylif, known for her hit ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ had her new production company Cannopus Films reach out to the freed prisoner Fatima bin Mohammed, a source told the Dubai-based 7Days.

“Layla would like to develop Fatima’s story into a script,” the source said, adding “we would approach a UK/U.S. production company.”

The source explained that “we already have a vision for the film and would aim to secure permission to shoot it in the UAE.”

Bin Mohammed, a Cameroon national, was given a life sentence in 2007 for importing hashish but earned her freedom in March when she learned the entire Quran under a project that permits prisoners an early release if they memorize Islam’s holy book.

If the idea of the movie materializes, the company would offer Bin Mohammed who was formerly known as Noelle Shantelle, “a position on the team that she deems suitable.”

“If Fatima likes the initial treatment and wants to continue, we can agree on a rights fee and/or percentage and title for Fatima on the production.”

According to the daily, Bin Mohammed, who spent almost six years memorizing the Quran behind bars, welcomed the news and was looking forward to speak to the production company.