Women are ‘white prostitutes,’ UK school teaches

'White prostitutes' and 'hellfire seem to be normal terms used by students at Oldknow Academy in Birmingham, a leaked report reveals

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“White prostitutes” and “hellfire” seem to be normal terms used by students at Oldknow Academy in Birmingham, as extremism against Western women and non-Muslims inflates in several schools, allegedly due to Muslim radicalisms infiltrating bodies governing them, a leaked report revealed, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

“We were told by teachers that non-Muslim teaching staff are no longer allowed to take Friday assemblies. In separate interviews, staff told us [inspectors] that in Friday assemblies, occasionally words have been used such as ‘white prostitute’ and ‘hellfire’ which they felt were inappropriate for young children,” a report by the Education Funding Agency – a governmental body, cited by the Daily Mail, revealed.

According to the news website, “white prostitute” was used to label non-Muslim Western women, suggesting they had no morals.

The Oldknow Academy is said to have been subject to a gradual control by extremists. It is claimed that a senior teacher led the students in an “anti-Christian” chant, ahead of Christmas last year, added the Daily Mail.

A key spokesman at Oldknow called the claims of extremism “beggar belief,” the Telegraph reported.

However, Belal Ballali, spokesman for the Oldknow Academy Parents’ Association, has recently made more than one trip to Syria, and is a fierce supporter of British citizens – estimated at around 400 – fighting in the country’s civil war, according to the British newspaper

“Why is the media criminalizing our heroes, who have left the UK and gave up (sic) their lives for the freedom of the Syrian people?” Ballali wrote on his Facebook page, the Telegraph cited.

On a wider scale

Oldknow, which has around 600 pupils enrolled, is one of many other Birmingham schools linked to an alleged Islamist plot named “Trojan Horse,” The Guardian reported on Friday.

The Office of Standard Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted), is set to publish a report on 20 Birmingham schools which are linked to the Trojan Horse row on Monday.

The report, which The Guardian claims has been leaked to it, will be downgrading rates of schools previously ranked as outstanding, to inadequate, over insufficient training in Prevent program, a government anti-extremism training course, among other relevant reasons.