‘Beware bearded terrorists,’ Chinese posters warn

Images criticized for showing stereotypical image of ethnic Uighur militants from Xinjiang province

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In a southern Chinese city, posters have been seen warning its residents against helping bearded men in an attempt to deter the Chinese people from helping apparent "terrorists," the BBC has reported.

The posters in Liuzhou, in south-central Guangxi region, depict various cartoon-like confrontations between supposed bearded terrorists and the Chinese public and include slogans such as "Terrorism is the enemy of all mankind" and "Helping terrorists flee the country is a crime".

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china 1

An example of one of these posters shows the image of two bearded men brandishing swords and is a clear reference to the attacks on transport hubs. Another poster shows bearded men paying a disheveled man to help them flee the country and a distressed citizen calling the 110 emergency number.

These posters have mainly been seen in public places within Liuzhou in the south-central Guangxi region.

The posters were brought to the attention of the wider world after a local blogger, Liuzhou Laowai, described them as "crude" and "racist".

The blogger states they are stereotypical representations of Uighur militants from the Xinjiang province, the group blamed for various deadly attacks across China.

The province was recently in the news after Chinese authorities banned Muslims in the region working as civil servants, students and teachers from fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The violent campaign of Uighurs taking place across the country is causing the Chinese to take these desperate actions. The campaign has already killed many citizens in its attacks on public areas and transport system.

The neighboring province of Guangdong has recently begun offering rewards of up to $80,000 for reports of any terrorist activity in hopes of minimizing these attacks, according to the BBC.

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