Star-struck ISIS? Fighters mourn Robin Williams

Twitter exchange prompts alleged Islamists to say their favorite Williams' flick was Jumanji

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ISIS fighters and supporters seemingly want the world to know that they are “human too,” as they mourned the loss of comedy great Robin Williams and revealed that they too were fans of his Hollywood blockbuster Jumanji.

As Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants continue to expand across northern Iraq, the group, or members associated with it, has made sure to have a strong presence on social media.

Following news of 63-year-old Williams’ death in an apparent suicide, alleged ISIS fighters took to social media to react.

One user expressed his love for fantasy adventure film Jumanji.

Responding to London-based user @Ibn_Fulaan, who said it was a “shame” that Williams died, adding that he “liked Jumanji,” another user, Abdullah who uses the Twitter handle @Mujahid4life , tweeted: “Good movie. Loved it as a kid.”

Fulaan replied: “Same, I had it on video lol.”

The exchange prompted the Islamist fighters to spark a debate about movies, with “Abdullah” answering a number of Twitter questions about his favorite flicks.

“Abdullah” is understood to be a 19-year-old British born Islamist and ISIS supporter, according to Britain’s Daily Mail.

Asked by one Twitter user what his favorite Star Wars film was, he replied: 'I like Empire Strikes Back most,' before admitting he could 'maybe' see parallels between the film's rebels forces and ISIS.

He then expressed concerns about getting too deep into the conversation about his favorite flicks.

'Now I'm actually worried that people will start to follow me because they wanna hear about my favorite movies instead of reporting jihad.”

After being bombarded by messages asking why he was so interested in Western films, the alleged ISIS militant posted a message saying: “They think i grew up somewhere in a mud hut so I never saw a movie whereas I’ve seen most of the flicks they ask.”

But when other Twitter users expressed their disbelief that Abdullah was openly discussing his love of Williams' films, another alleged Islamist by the name Omar Shishani said: “We are humans like you, joke about girls mirls... why we shouldn't see movie? [Sic]”

Williams was found dead on Monday from an apparent suicide at his home in Northern California. He was 63.

He had been recently suffering from severe depression, his publicist Mara Buxbaum said in a statement, and the actor had repeatedly talked about his past struggles with alcohol.

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