Saudi child prodigy wins laurels in Malaysia

Majd Al-Aseeri reportedly left an indelible mark on the scientific community in Malaysia

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An 11-year-old Saudi girl has made waves in international academic circles by imparting scientific lectures at the Malaysian Multimedia University recently.

Senior academics from the university, including faculty members of different nationalities, who attended her lectures, were clearly awe-struck and flabbergasted by her deep knowledge and simplicity. She won appreciation certificates from the university’s Arabic and English languages sections.

Majd Al-Aseeri, the child prodigy, has left an indelible mark on the scientific community in Malaysia. The community is astonished at the speed the child has learned English language and her ability to conduct multiple lectures in a very confident and skilled manner.

Over the past week, Al-Aseeri has delivered many lectures on the importance and impact of talented persons on society and the secrets of learning languages.

These lectures are expected to be uploaded on the Alpha 17 Academy website which is managed by her from her family’s house.

Al-Aseeri perfected the English language when she was eight years old, and fluently speaks English with her family and eight siblings who helped her launch the Alpha 17 Academy in Taif to promote and deliver lectures in English language, mathematics, computer science and philosophy.

Shortly after the launch of the website, hundreds of visitors from over 39 countries, including the US and a number of European countries, visited the site.