‘Shame!’ Adverts in Turkey vilify singletons

In the poster, the headless silhouettes of two men and a woman are seen wandering 'headless' in different directions

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Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry came under fire following an ad-campaign targeting singles earlier this month was deemed offensive, the al-Monitor news website reported Friday.

In the poster, the headless silhouettes of two men and a woman are seen wandering in different directions carrying a plastic bag with their heads in it.

“Those who consume get consumed,” the title to the ad said, with a caption reading “people living alone consume 38% more goods, 42% more packaging, 55% more electricity and 61% more fuel than others,” the al-Monitor said.

Turkish Twitter users were enraged by the ad, the news website said. One blogger reacted saying that the ad was reminiscent of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria beheadings.

“The image ...used for the latest campaign was an immediate reminder of ISIS and its beheadings,”Erkan Saka, a professor communication and a blogger based in Turkey wrote.

Following the rage, the ministry deleted the posters from its Twitter account without addressing the criticism, but the photos were so heavily circulated on social media that they appeared in Turkish newspapers the following day.

“The ministry is right. But it must do its duties. I, too, want a wife, but the ministry has failed to find me one. The minister, as our elder sister, should help us out,” Fahrettin Fidan, a bachelor Turkish journalist sarcastically told Al-Monitor.

“If they go on like this, one day they may attempt to interfere in the religion, language and professions of spouses, creating some kind of dystopia,” he warned.

A member of Turkey’s Higher Board of Radio and Television criticized the ministry for “meddling in what is none of its business.”

“I think the ministry has absolutely no idea what it is doing. Wasn’t this ministry created to address the problems of women? Wasn’t it supposed to fight the murders of women, which have increased 1,500 times under the AKP? Is marrying off singles the ministry’s business?” Suleyman Demirkan said, who is also a singleton.

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