UK Queen ‘purred’ over Scotland no vote

Buckingham refused to comment on the matter

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has allegedly revealed that Queen Elizabeth II “purred” in relief when told about Scotland’s decision not to separate from the United Kingdom, the BBC reported Tuesday.

"She purred down the line. I've never heard someone so happy," Cameron apparently told ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Cameron was seemingly overheard by camera men during his visit to New York.

Buckingham refused to comment on the matter.

Official figures showed 2,001,926 Scots voted to stay in the union while 1,617,989 voted for independence.

Following the historic results, Cameron vowed to give Scotland more powers in the next parliament through draft laws that will be published by January.

Cameron also pledged to meet promises made to Scotland ahead of the referendum, saying that new powers would regulate tax, spending and welfare.