Viral tweets show ISIS sweet-talking Texan blonde

The saga started when Jennifer Williams contributed late last month to the #MuslimApologies Twitter campaign

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A blonde Texan woman found herself the center of unwanted attention after she recounted the story of her conversion to Islam on Twitter, receiving marriage proposals from suspected extremists that have since gone viral.

The saga started when Jennifer Williams, a researcher at the Washington-based Brookings Center for Middle East Policy contributed late last month to the viral #MuslimApologies Twitter campaign in which Muslims - in a bid to counter negative portrayals of Islam - tweeted sarcastic apologies for their faith.

Shortly after posting the tweet, Williams found she had become popular – with many expressing happiness for her and welcoming her to Islam.

But the messages of support soon took on a more radical streak, when militants from ISIS-linked accounts began to follow and retweeted her original message, and sent her marriage proposals. Williams later showed posts from the extremist linked-accounts that now followed her on Twitter.

The offers then intensified in volume after she tweeted a picture of pro-ISIS graffiti in Washington DC.

Williams then attempted to tweet a clarification denying any pro-ISIS sympathies.

Since her new-found Twitter fame, Williams has garnered more than 7,000 followers.