No minister! Lebanese MP punches female office worker: report

MP Nicolas Fattoush punched an administrator repeatedly in the throat – despite the intervention of other office workers and Fattoush’s bodyguard(Photo courtesy of

A Lebanese lawmaker punched an office worker in the neck after she refused to prioritize the processing of his court documents, Beirut-based newspaper The Daily Star reported on Monday.

According to An-Nahar newspaper, the incident occurred at the complaints department of the Justice Palace in the country’s capital. The dispute between the two escalated to the point where former tourism minister and minister of state Fattoush “raised his hand on her,” the daily reported.

One witness told An-Nahar that “Fattoush asked the [registrar lawyer] Manal Daou: Is this the complaints department?”

“This is the complaints department for lawyers, there is the complaints department for the general public,” she responded, the witness said.

Enraged that he was not being given preferential treatment, Fattoush launched in a tirade about being a member of Parliament and insulted the staff member, according to the Lebanese daily.

Doau, the mother of two, responded: “Why are you talking to me like this, who are you?” at which point an assistant of the MP intervened, telling Daou that Fattoush was a “[former] minister” but according to the witness Daou had not heard this.

Many witnesses

He then “raised his hand with the aim of hitting her before those present quickly stepped in.”

The MP then punched her repeatedly in the throat – despite the intervention of other office workers and Fattoush’s bodyguard, The Daily Star reported.

Sources told The Daily Star said that many people witnessed the incident, and that Daou has filed a lawsuit against Fattoush through the office of the prosecutor.

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