Model helps police ambush iCloud nude photos hacker

Madison Louch received a call from a man who threatened to ‘ruin her modeling career’ if she does not pay him $900

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A Los Angeles based model contacted the police after a hacker threatened he would release nude photos he obtained from her iCloud account, TMZ entertainment news website reported.

Madison Louch said she was locked out of her iCloud account on Sept.7 and received a call later that day from a man who threatened to “ruin her modeling career” if she does not pay him $900.

The man, who said he was “notorious” for posting celebrity nude photos, ordered her to deliver the sum to a planter in a Fairfax Ave Hollywood building.

Louch then called the police who went to the location at the time Louch agreed to with the hacker.

There, a woman, identified as Jamie Munoz, picked up the money and was later detained.

Munoz told the Los Angeles Police Department she had known she was picking up extortion money but maintained she was not part of the plot. She did however identify the hacker as Nicholas Douglas from Vancouver.

Munoz pleaded guilty to charges of attempted extortion and receive a three-year probation in addition to community service.

The LAPD said they are still looking for the hacker and whether Nicholas Douglas is his real name.