Is it him? Balotelli lookalike sparks social media storm

A British MP tweeted he saw the footballer listening in on a government drug debate at the House of Commons

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Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli found himself at the center of a Twitter storm after a British politician tweeted the he saw the footballer during a drug debate at the House of Commons, when in fact it was his lookalike, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Guy Opperman, a British Conservative Party member of parliament, started the storm which quickly spiraled on social media, with some users initially believing it was the football star, before it later emerged that it was dancer Ken Hindus, aged 55, who looks like Balotelli and shares the same Mohawk.

Among the many Twitter reactions, raging between confusion and disbelief, Liverpool expert David Wooding stated his doubt.

Journalsits were also confused about the speculations, as Balotelli was believed to be training in Liverpool.

As the debate escalated on whether it was Balotelli or not, political editor at The Sun Tom Newton Dunn confimed it was just a lookalike.

Balotelli’s previous unexpected appearances may have led social media users to think it could have been him, the Independent reported.

On previous occasions, the Italian footballer made headlines after setting fire to his own bathroom following a failed attempt at an indoor display of fireworks and he has been known to drive to a women’s prison to “look around.”