Egyptian actress ridiculed for speaking broken English at Cairo festival

Ghada Abdel Razek spoke in broken English while presenting an award at the Cairo International Film Festival

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She walked in captivating glamour, took the microphone, and spoke English in a staggering confidence while presenting the Silver Pyramid Award to the best actress during the Cairo International Film Festival earlier this week.

But neither her glamour nor her English language skills impressed Egyptian social media users, who were quick to mock Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Rzek for her several pronunciation mistakes.

She told Al Arabiya.net that she spoke ‘spontaneously,’ and refused to comment further.

This is not the first time Egyptians pick on people's English language skills.

The actress' pronunciation, some social media users highlighted, brings back memories of Mona al-Beheiri's viral video "Shut up your mouse, Obama." Al-Buheiri, an Egyptian middle-class woman, turned into an internation sensation for going in a rant - in broken English - against U.S. President Obama and asking him to shut up his "mouse" during a TV interview.

Former Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi was also trolled on social media once for his incompetence in the foreign language while giving a speech in Berlin.

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