Wrong newborn! Baby mix-up at Saudi hospital irks parents

A Saudi couple were in shock when they discovered that they were handed a baby girl

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A hospital in the eastern Saudi city of Jubail has been forced to apologize after handing a newborn baby to the wrong parents.

The baby boy of Saudi citizen Thallab al-Dowsari and his wife was delivered in the private hospital and taken to an incubator.

However, the child that was handed back to the couple two days later was a girl, the al-Sharq daily reported.

Al-Dowsari said his wife received the baby two days after delivery but she had doubts about it and then discovered the error.

The couple complained to the hospital administration, which then handed over the correct child to the al-Dowsaris.

In its apology letter, a copy of which al-Sharq obtained, the hospital admitted that the wrong baby was handed over and claimed it was the first time this had happened. The letter described what happened as a lesson for them and said they should have been stricter in implementing safety standards in the incubators section.

The letter admitted another error and said a medical report was issued by the hospital stated that the mother needed a Caesarian birth contradicting a diagnosis that said she only needed a normal delivery.

Spokesman for Eastern Province Health Affairs Khaled al-Ossaimi said the directorate would investigate the incident.

Al-Dowsari added the hospital apologized over the mix-up.

The hospital’s letter said its quality department has been contacted to ensure a repeat of this incident does not happen again.

The hospital reassured the father that his son was not handed over to another patient.

Its letter said: “The investigation revealed your son was on the bed in the incubators section when the nurse returned. “Another nurse is a witness to this.”

However, Al-Dowsari decided to contact Eastern Province Health Affairs, which promised to investigate.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on Nov 25, 2014.

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