Halle Berry legally orders ex-beau not to straighten child’s hair

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Hollywood actress Halle Berry has successfully obtained a court order banning her former boyfriend from straightening or lightening the curly hair of their six-year-old daughter, a daily reported on Tuesday.

Berry told a judge in Los Angeles that her ex-boyfriend, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, made changes to their child Nahla’s locks, resulting in her apparently looking less African-American, The Telegraph reported.

The Oscar-winning actress purported there could be “psychological damage” to Nahla who might wonder why her natural appearance was “not good enough.”

To prove her claims, she had a strand of hair analyzed at a laboratory after Aubry denied making the alterations.

Berry, who is half white and half black, previously said that she feels her daughter is black as she believes “in the one-drop theory,” asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry is considered to be black.

The judge decided that neither parent should be allowed to change the girl’s hair.

After a five-year relationship ending in 2010, Berry and Aubry now have joint custody. The actress currently pays $16,000 a month in child support payments to Aubry but is seeking to reduce the amount.

Berry is now married to actor Olivier Martinez and they have a son together.