Discover the secret to losing weight and relaxing: Myofascia release

Myofascia release is key to losing weight, but do you know what it is?

Vahdaneh Vahid
Vahdaneh Vahid - Special to Al Arabiya News
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Myofascia release is key to losing weight, toning your body and improving your posture. Why then do so many of us have only a faint idea of what it is?

Myo refers to the muscular component of the fascia system and the fascia are the sheets, strings and threads of biological fabric that hold us together.

It gives the muscles its shape and attaches them to the bones, Fascia can be found throughout the body.

When fascia becomes restricted, it shortens the muscles, leading to a lack of blood circulation and decreased mobility in the joints. Restricted fascia will cause deficiencies in our structure and biomechanics (movement) from the way we walk, run, not and play sports and exercise.

To execute myofascia release, roll a hard ball into your muslces, avoiding joints, as demostrated in the images in this article.

In the culture we live in today, our bodies are being harmed by the amount of time we spend sitting at a desk. Coupled with stress, this causes our bodies’ mechanics to become dysfunctional. Consequently, we strongly depend on over using our fast twitch fibers. These contract quickly and powerfully but fatigue very rapidly, sustaining only short, anaerobic bursts of activity before muscle contraction becomes painful. Because these muscles work anaerobically, they depend on burning sugar as a fuel source over fat.

Applying myofascia release will help ease the over worked fast twitch muscle fibres. Seeing as fascia also has an influence on the positioning of all the ligaments, tendons, bones and joints in our the body, when we free up the restricted fascia, it allows us to build better function in our mechanics.


Therefore when we start moving, we use more of our slow twitch muscle fibres, even during walking each step is soften therefore all your fascia is not contracting and tensing each time, because instead your muscles are acting as a suspension system.

The red twitch muscle fibres carry more oxygen and sustain aerobic activity, using fat as their primary source of fuel. As a result myofascia release helps us lose weight.

Regardless of how much stretching we attempt to do - be it yoga or physical activity - it is still highly likely that the majority of us have tight muscles. Imagine a rubber band with 4 -5 knots tied inside it, and then try stretching out that rubber band; this is the same as our bodies. The tight muscles are those knots in the rubber band, applying myofascia release helps break down those knots. As a result, stretching becomes easier and much more productive.


Imagine your body is a dried up piece of clay, when you utilize myofascial release it is equivalent to adding water to dried clay, therefore creating more malleability within it, so it can be ready to be re-shaped in the direction of functionality.

Myofascia release also helps increase blood circulation, which facilitates the delivery of more oxygenated blood to the working muscle. The mobility in your joints, as a result, become less restricted which allows you to move more freely through movement and exercise. This is an extremely beneficial tool that will prevent injury and pain throughout your life.

We all enjoy relaxation in our stressful lifestyles whether it is having a massage, yoga classes or mediation to help clear our minds and relax our muscles. Myofascia release is the prefect way to do all of these.


In our Lifestyle today, the sympathetic branch of our nervous system is constantly simulated with each stressful encounter throughout the day. This causes a rise in stress hormones such as cortisol, cortisol simulates your body therefore getting to sleep and sleeping soundly will be a challenge for most.

As myofascia release helps relax your muscles, this simulates the parasympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system that slows everything down and calms the body. This helps create a state of Homeostasis. Homeostasis means to maintain internal stability within our physiological system, improving sleep, reducing stress and increasing your general health and well-being in the long run.


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