‘Falafel’ Mideast peace scene axed from The Interview

During the cut scene, Palestinian and Israeli leaders found common ground over a popular Middle Eastern delicacy

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Palestinian and Israeli leadership set aside their differences in Hollywood’s latest blockbuster “The Interview” only to agree on falafel in a scene that was later cut from the film, Israeli news website Ynet News reported.

An unnamed Palestinian president and Israeli prime minister take a break while arguing on a live television show – hosted by James Franco’s character – as they sample a falafel sandwich prepared by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

“Our scene is really an add-on to the film. I think it is an idea to bring humor to a volatile situation and to propose a funny solution,” Alan Blumenfeld, who plays the Israeli PM said.

“The Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president can agree that they love falafel and that mutual enjoyment could lead to peace. Food brings contentment... a good message, I think,” he told Ynet News.

However, the scene was cut out during final stages of editing.

“Well, sure I was disappointed that the scene was cut, but it made sense. The scene was not an integral part of the plot.”

“They are not at all based on anyone living or real,” Blumenfeld said.

“Just representatives of a situation that needs a creative solution. And a hope that finding a funny idea can diffuse some of the tension. No political statement.”

“The Interview” was embroiled in controversy due to its plot which follows a U.S. talk-show host and his producer who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un after securing an exclusive interview with him.