Egypt’s ‘terrorist’ puppet gets its own show

The puppet telephoned an Egyptian television show via Skype in which she made the announcement

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Egypt’s Abla Fahita, the comic puppet that was charged in 2014 with conspiring to commit acts of terrorism, will now have her own show, she said in a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

The puppet telephoned an Egyptian television show via Skype in which she announced she will be taking over the same studio satirist Bassem Youssef gave his widely acclaimed show, El Bernameg.

“I thought, ‘instead of a stranger taking the place, turning it into a kofta place or something, better for me to take it than someone we don’t know,’” she said.

Fahita did not specify when her show would go on air. It is expected that it will be carried by Egypt’s CBC television channel.

Following an ad for Vodafone Egypt in 2014, the largest mobile phone company in the country, Fahita the old puppet was under investigation after she was accused of delivering encoded messages to an imminent terrorist attack.

Egyptian state security prosecutors opened the investigation into Vodafone’s alleged “dangerous” commercial following a complaint by wannabe artist and renowned conspiracy theorist Ahmad Spider.

Spider told a television talk show that Egypt’s lovable cartoon character Abla Fahita was used as a “spy” to deliver hidden messages to a terrorist attack that would take place after Christmas possibly in a mall.

At the time, Vodafone described the accusations as "irrational."

"The advertisement carries no other meaning and any interpretation other than that is mere imagination or personal opinion of some of the audience," the statement read.

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