France thinks jihadists don’t eat baguettes and turn off music

A nine-point guide released by the French government listed a change in eating habits and turning off music as signs to notice would-be radicals

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A nine-point guide recently released by the French government to help citizens identify would-be terrorists listed a change in eating habits and turning off music as signs that someone may be turning to an extremist.

In the wake of the deadly shootings at Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher store, France has launched a government website aimed at dissuading people from joining terrorist groups fighting in Iraq and Syria.

As part of its new anti-terrorism campaign, the website published an illustrative chart listing several indicators that could help spot alarming changes in an individual’s behavior.

The check list is supposed to help people notice would-be radicals.


Stopping to eat baguettes seems to be a sign. The guide used an image of France's national bread to indicate that a change in eating habits could pin point a potential suspect.

To stop listening to music is another. The website claims that would-be radicals would avoid hearing music in order to focus on their entitled “mission”.

The guide also suggests not going to cinema theaters, halting sport activities and changing dress styles as possible indicators of potential extremists.

Also, those who turn away from their families or drop out of education might also be on the path to extremism.

Visiting extremist websites can also help track a possible suspect.

The warning chart has garnered some criticism from observers who say that many of the listed signs could be normal behavioral changes that can happen to anyone.

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