Teen tweet about falling asleep in taxi goes viral

Mike Allison woke up after a taxi driver had dropped off all his friends and only he was left!

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A teenager’s tweet has gone viral after his friends left him in the back of a minibus taxi where he had fallen asleep on his way home and ended up being invited over to the driver’s place.

Mike Allison, from Cheshire in North West England, woke up after the driver had dropped off all his friends, leaving him alone in the taxi. None of his friends noticed Allison was asleep as they went off the bus.

The 18-year-old only woke when he heard the sound of the central locking system, British news websites reported.

Rather than simply throwing Allison out of the taxi and leaving him in the streets, the kind driver instead invited the young man in to his home.

Allison tweeted about the incident, saying: “Fell asleep in the taxi and no one woke me up. Now I’m back at the taxi man’s house in Stretford watching Take Me Out”

The tweet has been re-tweeted over 25,000 times.

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