Love-stricken penguin proposes to his mate at Ski Dubai

Speedy took the time to find a smooth pebble to present to his mate Sneezy, just days before Valentine’s

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A male penguin in Ski Dubai seems to have chosen the best timing to propose to his female mate just days before Valentine’s Day.

Speedy, the male penguin, took the time to find a smooth pebble to present to his beloved, Sneezy, as per a charming mating tradition among penguins.

Luckily, Sneezy picked the pebble, meaning she accepted the proposal.


The proposal took place at Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

Employees at Ski Dubai were reportedly amazed by the love scene.

“Speedy was pacing down the wall and we were wondering what was wrong with him,” recalled Sherif Hashem, a manager at Ski Dubai, in statement carried by local 7Days newspaper.

“He was looking for the perfect pebble to present to Sneezy. Then he rolled it over and Sneezy accepted it.

“They’re Gentoo penguins so they are very romantic. They’re known to be monogamous and stay with one partner for the rest of their lives. Even if one of them dies, they don’t find another partner.”

Hashem said that Sneezy is now building a nest with the pebble that her fiancé gave to her.

But “it wasn’t love at first sight” between the pair, Hesham said. Speedy and Sneezy have been at Ski Dubai for three years, he added.

Ski Dubai consists of several areas including a private pool, a top deck area with rocks, and a private holding area for penguins.

The resort allows visitors to play and get close to their “peng-friends” and take pictures.


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