Man unknowingly badmouths job recruiter on UK metro

An impatient commuter told a man to ‘F*** himself’ on a busy train and discovered an hour later that it was his interviewer

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It is better to keep distasteful manners at bay as Karma could hit unexpectedly - and did so for one impatient British commuter who learned his lesson the hard way.

The impatient commuter told a man to “F*** himself” on a busy train and discovered an hour later that the fellow passenger was a recruitment executive, set to interview him at a scheduled meeting.


HR executive Matt Buckland wrote on his Twitter account that the job seeker pushed past him and launched a foul-mouthed tirade as they were both getting off a packed rush-hour train on Monday morning.

His tweet garnered 17 thousand likes and 15 thousand favorites as of Friday.

The man did not recognize Buckland when he arrived for the interview, but the recruitment executive kept on asking tube-related questions.

“I hinted at it and eventually he realized,” Buckland said.

After the realizations, the two “laughed it off and carried on.”

“The tube makes everyone cranky :),” Buckland added graciously.

In the end, Buckland did not give the man the job, but emphasized this was not down to the earlier altercation.

“He wasn’t right for the role,” he explained.

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