Video: Syrian refugees fight ISIS with satire

The group have opted to use humor as the most effective way to respond to ISIS’ horrific record of executions and torture

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A group of Syrian refugees are rebelling against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) using only humour as their weapon of choice, according to British daily The Guardian.

Based in the Turkish city of Gaziantep - just 40 miles from the Syrian border in a makeshift studio, the group have opted to use humor as the most effective way to respond to ISIS’ horrific record of executions and torture.

Maen Watfe, 27, told the newspaper: “The entire world seems to be terrified of Isis, so we want to laugh at them, expose their hypocrisy and show that their interpretation of Islam does not represent the overwhelming majority of Muslims.”

Watfe added: “The media, especially the western media, obsessively reproduce Isis propaganda portraying them as strong and intimidating. We want to show their weaknesses.”

The young film makers have taken the high-risk approach of mocking members of ISIS, portraying them as ‘naive simpletons, hypocritical zealots and brutal thugs.’

But it comes at a cost, the report added, the group have had to move house to a secret location having received death threats.

In their film The Prince, leader of ISIS – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is seen drinking wine and listening to pop music while exchanging selfies with girls over a phone.

As a militant arrives, explaining he has come to ‘liberate Jerusalem’, the leader quickly switches his wine for milk, the pop music for Islamic chants and hands the militant a suicide belt.

As the belt detonates the leader is seen reaching for his wine and turns the music back on. Such sketches have been the main reason for the hate mail and death threats, the report added.

“One of them said that they would finish us off like they finished off Charlie [Hebdo],” a woman referred to as Brown said.

After moving from their previous base, the landlord informed them that Arabic-speaking men placed the apartment under surveillance.

As a result the chose to keep their new location a secret even from their closest of friends and family, to ensure they minimize the risk of a backlash for their videos.