Mr. Burger and Miss King to get free Burger King wedding

The happy couple accepted the fast food chain’s offer to pay for their July wedding on Monday

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Since fifth grade, Joel Burger and Ashley King were made aware of their trademark last names when a speaker introduced them as Burger King during a school event.

Fast forward to 2015, the newly-engaged couple has the international fast food chain offering to pay for their wedding, a proposal they accepted on Monday, CNN reported.

“We are very appreciative of Burger King and can’t thank them enough for their generosity!” King was quoted by CNN as saying.

Following their engagement in October, Burger and King posed for a photo in front of a Burger King sign which went viral. Illinoi reported Dave Bakke interviewed them for an article which Burger King came across.

The fast food chain then took to Twitter to locate the couple.

“We were shocked (and still are),” King said after the chain offered to pay for the entire wedding.

Burger, 24, and King, 23, met in kindergarten and grew up together in New Berlin, Illinois.

In fifth grade, then classmates Burger and King were student council representatives. In one even, a motivational speaker introduced them as Burger King.

“He said our names to the school,” King told CNN, “and then laughed and pronounced that together we were Burger King.”

The two developed a friendship through high school which then blossomed into a romance in college.

Burger King’s message for the happy couple: “Congratulations, Joel and Ashley on falling in love your way.”