If Hillary Clinton becomes president, what will they call Bill?

Since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt, the president’s wife has held the official title of “First Lady”

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As Hillary Rodham Clinton debuts her 2016 presidential campaign, observers have been left pondering what exactly her husband will be called if she secures a spot as the first female president of the United States.

Since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt, the president’s wife has held the official title of “First Lady,” with a separate “Office of the First Lady.”

The Independent reported that unofficially, the title goes back to the wife of George Washington, Martha.

But what about Bill Clinton?

“He has an eye for the ladies, of course, so calling him the First Lady’s Man would be apt and descriptive,” The Independent's Andy McSmith notes, but perhaps such a title would not be popular with the possible commander-in-chief Hillary.

According to the newspaper, when Julia Gillard took over as prime minister of Australia, her husband was tagged the “First Bloke.” The term, however, does not seem as though it would stick in the U.S.

Once the title is decided on, Bill must make a clear decision about what his role will be if Hillary is to win. He, notes The Independent, is in the unique position of knowing more about being president than the possible future president herself.

Hillary Clinton made her 2016 presidential campaign debut in Iowa at a small-town gathering on Tuesday, part of a concerted effort to tamp down big expectations and hold personal “conversations” with voters.

Clinton, seeking to become America’s first female president, announced her candidacy in a video posted online Sunday and left by van on a trip from her New York home to Iowa, the Midwestern state whose caucuses kick off the long, state-by-state nomination contest.

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