‘Arrest me!’ New York City ‘hot cop’ sizzling photos go viral

Photos of New York-based cop, Miguel Pimentel, have gone viral on social media sparking explicit comments

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Photographs of a buff and tattooed New York City Sheriff’s deputy and bodybuilder have gone viral on social media networks, with his bulging muscles driving female users to obscene comments, The Daily News reported.

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Deputy Miguel Pimentel’s photos have been met with scandalous comments on social media with one Twitter user writing “Frisk me, I’ve been very, very bad officer” and another tweeting “Excuse me while I commit a felony,” along with one of his photos.

Pimentel told The Daily News that he has been approached on the street with women recognizing him as “the cop on Facebook” and some even told him that people have impersonated him online to meet them.

The officer, of Dominican descent, also told The Daily News “A thing that happens a lot is when I go out in uniform, like to get lunch, I’ll go to like a Subway and the female workers will talk about me in Spanish because they don’t think I understand. They’ll say things in Spanish like, ‘Oh, I want him to handcuff me’, or ‘I want to take him into the back room,’ or something like that. But I fully understand what they’re saying. I usually just act like I don’t know what they’re saying until I’m about to leave and then I’ll tell them, ‘You know I understood what you were saying, right?’”

Pimentel served the U.S. army for 10 years as a part of the Marines, completing three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.

“I was on the Marine Corps bodybuilding team my last year in the Marines and I liked it right away. Ever since then it’s been a part of my life,” Pimentel said.

His mother, Francia Pimentel, added that since returning from his station in California he has been a gym rat. She also told The Daily News that she loves the attention he’s getting, saying “It’s my son! Isn’t he cute? He’s so handsome, he’s got it all.”

Much to the dismay of many social media users, Pimentel has been in a relationship with a girl named Erika for 2 years.

Pimentel’s mother commented on their relationship saying “they’re a beautiful couple” but that Erika is not “too happy with all the attention he’s getting.”

He, on the other hand, said that he is “totally cool” with his newfound fame, adding “I mean who doesn’t like a little positive publicity?”

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