‘Modesty trousers’ for childbirth on sale in Malaysia

An online store in Malaysia has begun selling a new type of maternity pants that conceals a woman’s intimate parts during childbirth

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An online distributing store in Malaysia has begun selling and advertising a new type of maternity pants that ensures a woman’s intimate parts remain concealed during childbirth, reported The Malay Mail Online.

The firm “MamaPride” describes the garment as one that “covers things, ankles and knees while in labor"

The distributor sells such maternity wear through Facebook and specific pharmacies, with the pants coming in three sizes – L, XL, and XXL.

In a March 20 Facebook post promoting the product, one administrator wrote that Muslim women’s modesty was often disregarded during childbirth.

“How embarrassed would your wife be? How embarrassed would the mother of your child be?”

“Are we to just ignore the honor and aurat of our wives just like that? Where is the honor of Muslim women?” the post read.

Aurat refers to the parts of a Muslim woman’s body that must be covered, but the extent of which varies in interpretation according to schools of Islam.

The promotion then described the pants as one that covers the aforementioned body parts, with enough space just for the “baby to make its way out.”

“For your information, this exclusive pants is limited to only those who are keen,” the post said, and asked Muslims who are concerned about their aurat and honor to help spread the message about the product.